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"Before meeting with Steve, my anxiety was bad. Unable to visit a play park with my children or enter a supermarket on my own without having a panic attack. Steve helped me retune my thoughts to help me live my life without fear. The Hypnotherapy worked amazingly and it's one of the best things I've done."     KS, Chippenham.

"Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. Steve was recommended by a friend to help with my diagnosis of Complex PTSD and the vicious circle of anxiety and OCD this caused. In just a couple of sessions not only were my behaviours and rituals reduced, I began feeling a calmness I was not expecting. This experience has surpassed my expectations and I cannot recommend Steve enough. The hypnotherapy has helped with other aspects of my life, and has made me more productive, motivated, content and improved my general happiness. I have Steve to thank for this and would recommend him to anyone."     KB, Sidcup, Kent.

"I was recommended Steve through a 3rd party who had previously received therapy which they thought would assist me in dealing with a number of personal issues I had been struggling with for a considerable length of time.

I am Emergency Services worker and considered myself to be robust and strong enough to face and deal with anything life threw at me, the actual truth was I was struggling immensely to deal not only with my work but also with the bereavement of a close family member and acrimonious divorce.

Not discussing my issues and feelings resulted in my struggling day to day and suffering anxiety and panic attacks I was genuinely not coping well and even simple day to day things were hard for me to deal with, this in turn was having a major impact on both my personal and professional life.

Upon meeting Steve, I was immediately put at ease and felt he understood my situation and that he genuinely wanted to work through and provide me with support to move forward in my life.My counselling session have been a mixture of in person and via skype and over a period of time and via regular check ins with Steve I have been able to gain more control over my emotions and feelings and make sense of why I not only feel the way I do but also coping strategies when faced with situations that previously I would have found difficult to deal with.

Now 12 months on as a result of Steves counselling sessions I sleep better, feel happier and consider myself more emotionally balanced, I would recommend Steve to anyone how is struggling as I was to move forward or deal with issues they may be facing."     CG, Pontypool.

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